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57 Post St, #703
San francisco, CA 94104

(415) 217-1297

Streetwear, Outerwear, Urban Wear, Urban Clothing Handmade in the US for the Stylish Man.  Endless Ammo is built in San Francisco California.  



Endless Ammo is a future facing Menswear company with Classic style and Covert appeal. Designing for functionality and integration of technology our patented F-stop pocket finds a home just as easily with an Urban tech-Ninja or a Modern Outdoor Operator. Utilitarian apparel that translates in hardcore activities or a night out on the town, any town.

All applications Apply.

Endless Ammo premium tech-wear uses the latest in nanotech fabrics and MILSPEC Camouflage. Durable fibers and Special coatings yield ultra-light - ultra-protective raw materials from zippers and snaps to fabric and thread, All products are designed in San Francisco, CA and manufactured in the USA 100% 

Prices reflect in quality without huge markups- styles and quantity are limited


Conceived and set in motion by purpose driven utility.Designed & Built in San Francisco, Ca. Endless Ammo is committed to the infusion of articulated cuts, innovative technical fabrics, & forward focused minimal aesthetics.


New Patch Design by the youngster prodigy at David Baker Designs. Great Concept and implementation.